Should DoorDash Drivers Be Classified as Independent Contractors?

DoorDash Inc. is an increasingly popular food delivery service headquartered in San Francisco. It provides an app-based, on-demand courier service from local restaurants for people in major cities all across the United States.

The company’s delivery drivers are currently regarded as independent contractors, a status which is being called into question based on the conditions of employment for those drivers. At issue is the question of whether drivers perform the duties of a full employee and should be entitled to additional pay, benefits and protections as such.

Who Can Be Classified as an Independent Contractor?

Generally, you are not an independent contractor if you perform services that are primarily controlled by an employer (what will be done and how it will be done). This applies even if you are given freedom of action as to some work related duties.

Given the general law as it applies above, DoorDash drivers’ claims of being legal, full employees may be legitimate.

Legal Aid for Employees of DoorDash

If you are working for DoorDash and feel you are being treated unfairly by your employer due to misclassification, allow us to help you determine your best course of action. We are prepared to help you evaluate your circumstances, the duties of your job, the pay you have received, and all other information relevant to your case in order to assist you in pursuing a just, fair solution. You can count on our team at Shellist Lazarz Slobin to provide you with the trustworthy legal guidance and reliable counsel you need.

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