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Disputes over employment contracts typically arise when an employer or employee fails to understand their rights and obligations under the terms of an employment contract. In most cases, what is at issue is the enforceability of a contract, its reasonableness, and whether due consideration has been offered in exchange for signing it.

In this regard, when an employer asks an employee to sign an employment contract, it is incumbent upon the employer to make sure the contract is enforceable and due consideration has been offered. Alternatively, when an employee signs an employment contract, he or she should be aware of the obligations and expectations set by the contract.

What Happens if an Employment Contract is Breached?

At Shellist Lazarz Slobin, our employment lawyers in Houston assist clients in understanding their legal rights and obligations under an employment contract. When a breach occurs, we evaluate the contract in question and determine what your legal options are. If you are seeking a class action lawsuit involving a wage and hour dispute, look no further than our firm. We do not only represent high-powered executives, Presidents, CEOs, and Chairmen--we would be proud to represent you.

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Employment Contracts and Breach of Contract

The Houston breach of employment contract lawyers at Shellist Lazarz Slobin advise and represent clients in regard to the following breach of contract issues:

  • Breach of confidentiality agreement
  • Breach of non-compete agreement
  • Breach of severance contract
  • Breach of executive compensation package
  • Breach of vendor or sub-vendor contract
  • Disputes over sales commission

Breach of Contract, Enforceability, and Reasonableness

The enforceability and reasonableness of an employment contract will determine whether or not it will hold up in court. If, for instance, a non-compete agreement is too large in its geographical reach or involves an unreasonable length of time, it will not hold up in court. Failure to provide due consideration may undermine an employer's attempt to enforce a non-compete later. Our breach of contract lawyers in Houston will ensure your class action lawsuit involving a wage and hour dispute resolves as successfully as possible.

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At Shellist Lazarz Slobin, our Houston employment attorneys review the terms contained in employment contracts to determine if they are likely to hold up in court. If an alleged breach has occurred, we can discuss enforceability issues and evaluate your case. In some instances, it may be to your advantage to reach a settlement out of court; in other cases, it may be in your interest to litigate.

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