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    I have been practicing law for more than 28 years. In those years, the practice of law has changed dramatically. And so has America's workforce. But the people's need for consistent, dedicated legal advice has stayed the same. I pride myself on giving my clients a thoughtful analysis of their situation, a seasoned evaluation of their rights and remedies, and a tailored plan of action. But mostly, I pride myself on communication. I strive to explain every aspect of my client's legal concerns--good or bad--so that together we can chart the proper and most efficient course to achieve your purpose.

    I have considerable experience handling all types of employment disputes, including severance negotiations, minimum and overtime wage disputes, tip pool violations, breach of contract claims, and claims of wrongful termination/discrimination. I have helped thousands of oilfield workers, technicians, hourly paid and salaried employees all recover the unpaid wages they were owed. I also help to negotiate executive compensation plans for professionals wanting to accept a new position, as well as severance agreements for those seeking to leave their current one. In addition, I have more than 28 years of experience representing clients and their families seeking to recover damages as a result of injuries sustained due to the wrongful conduct of others, including personal injury claims, medical malpractice claims, prescription errors, and other acts of neglect.

    I enjoy the practice of law, and I enjoy helping people recover the money they are owed. I was born and raised here in Houston -- but I represent clients all across the nation. In addition to my law practice, I frequently lecture at local and national bar conferences and trade associations on issues pertaining to wage and hour violations.

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