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Connectivity Source Potentially Owes Employees Additional Wages in Overtime Pay


Recently, the Sprint-authorized retailer Connectivity Source was suspected of not paying its employees fair overtime pay. Employees for the company who are eligible for commissions-based pay may be owed additional wages for weeks they worked overtime. The company currently has nearly 200 stores throughout the country, and employees from each location could be included in this developing case.

Employees are being urged to take a second look at their paystubs and employment contracts to see if they do qualify for overtime pay, and whether or not they did receive such compensation. A class action brought against Connectivity Source could conclude with the company being ordered to pay those previously unpaid benefits to any worker who does meet those prerequisites.

We Support Connectivity Source Employees

Are you or have you recently been employed by Connectivity Source and paid mostly through commissions? Do you suspect you have not been given fair overtime pay? Our Houston employment law attorneys from Shellist Lazarz Slobin can help you determine if you should file an employment lawsuit against Connectivity Source.

Call (713) 352-3433 to schedule an initial case evaluation. You can also fill out an online submission form to begin your claim.

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