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Papa John's Pizza Investigated for Allegedly Not Paying Employees for Training


Papa John’s Pizza, one of the largest pizza delivery companies in the country, may have allegedly conducted Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) violations, according to both former and current employees. Allegations from the pizza-chain employees state they did not receive wages for mandatory online training sessions. The FLSA requires that employees be paid for any job-related training made necessary by an employer, whether it is in-person or online.

The statements from the complainants potentially seem to allege the FLSA violation was not isolated to only a handful of franchise locations. Instead, it appears it might be a company-wide problem, which could make thousands of employees from coast-to-coast affected by it. The situation is being investigated by employment law firms to determine the validity of the statements, including Baron & Budd, P.C., a prominent law firm that is acting as co-counsel in an ongoing Avalos v. Papa John’s case handled by Shellist Lazarz Slobin.

Legal Aid for Papa John’s Employees in Houston

Are you employed by Papa John’s Pizza? Do you suspect you have not been paid for time spent completing online training courses, such as those that instruct how to make deliveries, answer the phone, and so forth?

You can depend on Shellist Lazarz Slobin and our Houston employment lawyers to stand up for your rights and take control of the situation on your behalf. We can investigate your claim, determine if an FLSA violation occurred, and decide the next course of action for fair compensation. Call (713) 352-3433 or use an online submission form to begin.

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