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Shellist Lazarz Slobin Representing Flight Attendant Suing United Airlines


Our firm, Shellist Lazarz Slobin, is representing a flight attendant whose case made the news recently after being required by her employer to stop wearing medically prescribed clogs. 60-year-old Edie Hall is suing United Airlines, her employer, after they rescinded the permission to wear these medically necessary shoes at least three times during her employment working with the airline. United is requiring our client acquire a doctor’s note ever year, as documented proof of her need for the shoes.

Hall has been wearing these shoes since 2004, and they are an absolute medical necessity for our client’s health and wellbeing. Her Dansko XP Pro Brand clogs were first recommended to her by her doctor after she had complaints of acute foot pain.

Obtaining annual medical exemptions is not only an unfavorable and callous thing to do, it is also illegal according to federal law as it violates the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. United Airlines has responded, stating she is allowed to wear them while on the plane, but must return to her uniform of plain black shoes anytime she is in an airport. United Airlines claims this medically-necessary attire goes against their strict dress code. Hall has been working for United Airlines, as well as its predecessor, Continental Airlines, for 32 years.

This story has been featured on KPRC Channel 2 News, an NBC local, as well as KHOU Channel 11 News, a CBS local. Speaking about the case, our attorney stated: “This is a 60-year old woman with a 32-year career flying for United/Continental,” Hall’s attorney, told “She has plates and screws in her foot. Her doctor has ordered her to wear the clog for support. This is not a story about a lazy employee who is trying to take advantage of the system and wear her slippers to work …. It’s unfortunate that United’s obstinance has required her to actually file a lawsuit to rectify this injustice. But that is the route they’ve chosen.”

Read more about the story here:

United Airlines' flight attendant with bad feet sues over right to wear clogs

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