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Attorneys Rao and Prieto Board Certified in Labor and Employment Law


Our entire team here at Shellist Lazarz Slobin strives for success and excellence at all times. This dedication to the pursuit of perfection is once again reaffirmed by the recent achievements of Sidd Rao and Ricardo Prieto, who each earned Board Certification in Labor and Employment Law. They join Todd Slobin, who has also earned this prestigious accreditation.

There are well over 100,000 attorneys with a current license to practice in the state of Texas. It is estimated that roughly 7% of them have achieved Board Certification for any sort of area of law. Our law firm is truly proud and honored to be able to have not one but five legal specialists with Board Certifications in Labor and Employment Law, which is widely considered one of the most complex areas of practice.

Attorneys Rao and Prieto had the following to say about their achievements:

"Becoming Board Certified in Labor and Employment Law is one of the highest honors of my career. I am humbled by this recognition and I am privileged to serve my profession, my community, my clients, and my firm." - Sidd Rao

"I am proud of this achievement and to be part of such an esteemed group of lawyers. I am humbled by this honor and feel privileged to serve our community" - Ricardo Prieto

Details About Board Certification

In order to receive Board Certification in any legal field, an attorney must meet a strict set of requirements, beginning with years of practice. An attorney must have been practicing law for at least five years with three of those years in the specialty area pertaining to the Board Certification they are seeking. If this and all other regulations are met, an attorney may submit an application to the Texas Board of Legal Specialization (TBLS). When accepted, the applicant will take a rigorous certification examination that will but their legal knowledge to the test. Upon passing this examination, the attorney is Board Certified.

Board Certification is not a permanent selection, however. Attorneys must maintain status through uninterrupted involvement in the legal area of their choosing. The Texas Board of Legal Specialization may also request yearly peer reviews of Board Certified attorneys to ensure they have kept high standards. Attorneys are also encouraged to complete CLE (continued legal education) courses that allow them to stay on top of any upcoming or concerning legal trends in their field.

Learn more about Board Certification by visiting the TBLS website (click here). Get to know about our Board Certified Houston employment attorneys, or see about retaining our legal services, by contacting Shellist Lazarz Slobin today.

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