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What to Do About Unpaid Commission and Bonuses


If you are in a commission-based line of work, you know how important it is that your company awards your commission fairly and in a timely manner. For most commission-based jobs, the base salary is not enough for families and individuals to afford basic necessities. When your employer fails to pay you the commissions and bonuses you’ve earned within a reasonable amount of time (or fails to pay them at all), it can create significant difficulty for you and your dependents.

How to Know if Your Company Is Deliberately Withholding Pay

There are a variety of ways companies avoid giving you your rightfully earned commission and bonuses:

  • Firing an employee and refusing to pay bonuses and commissions earned before termination
  • Making smaller payments than were actually earned or agreed upon
  • Deliberately making calculation errors in order to justify underpayment
  • Making payments that are less or different from the amounts, portions, or percentages detailed in your employment contract
  • Making false accusations or firing an employee in order to avoid paying bonuses and commissions

What to Do When Your Employer Withholds Bonuses or Commissions

If you believe your company is unlawfully withholding money you have earned, the first thing you should do is utilize the internal resources available to you. Check with the payroll department to make sure your commissions and bonuses are not being accidentally withheld. If appropriate compensation is being kept from you on purpose, go to your HR department, and first adhere to your company’s process for raising concerns. If you go through the proper channels, are not able to resolve the issue, and still feel your company is deliberately cheating you out of the money you’ve earned, it may be time to involve an experienced employment lawyer.

Discuss Your Case with a Houston Employment Lawyer Today

At Shellist Lazarz Slobin, we know you depend on every dollar you make. When your company refuses to pay the commissions and bonuses you have rightfully earned, we are here to help you get it and ensure your company treats you fairly going forward. If you suspect your employer is violating state or federal wage laws, don’t wait until you are suffering significant financial hardship to contact our Houston employment law attorneys.

You can reach us by calling (713) 352-3433 or filling out this short online form to get the conversation started.

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