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Barclays’ Ex-Employee Sues Company for Wrongful Dismissal


A recent Bloomberg article covers former Barclays Plc banker suing for wrongful termination. The Barclays’ wealth management division’s ex-director Robert Record is taking legal action against the bank for wrongful dismissal after being fired for allegedly sexually harassing female colleagues. Record claims the women fabricated the accusations to drive him out.

Record was fired in September 2020 after four women reported multiple allegations that he subjected them to inappropriate touching, staring, racial nicknames, and bullying. However, Record denies these allegations and is suing for thousands of pounds for his unfair dismissal and discrimination for being a senior male. In a London employment tribunal hearing, Record stated that he “believes he was being targeted by four female individuals in the wealth management team who were colluding and manufacturing allegations to have him removed from the team because he was a senior male.”

MeToo Movement Employee Cases

The #MeToo movement was founded in 2006 by Tarana Burke to support survivors of sexual violence. In 2017, the movement became global when the #MeToo hashtag went viral as survivors across the world came forwards about their sexual assault experiences.

Since then, banks and financial firms have faced an increasing number of employment cases regarding sexual and racial discrimination. Record’s case is one of the many. However, it differs as Record is suing the bank for believing the four colleagues who spoke up.

Barclays Denies Ex-Employee Allegations

In response to Record, Barclays is contesting the suit and has denied Record’s allegations, including conspiracy by the four women. According to a lawyer for Barclays, due process was followed before Record’s termination.

Despite Record’s allegations of conspiracy, inappropriate sexual misconduct allegations were already surfacing in 2019. Managers had found these accusations to be credible enough to act on. It is reported that Record allegedly touched and stared at women inappropriately at work social events. In addition, on one occasion Barclays received complaints that he touched one of the women in a sexual manner at a bar leaving her feeling “violated.”

Furthermore, managers found Record’s behavior to be lewd, improper, racially discriminatory, and created an offensive environment.

What to Do if You Are Experiencing Discrimination at Work

Bloomberg’s article demonstrates how a company defended their four female workers against sexual discrimination. In addition, the article also illustrates that ex-employee Record experienced discrimination for being a senior male in the company. While Record claims discrimination and seeks compensation for his termination, his acts may be harmful for the #MeToo movement. Despite this update, there are still protections in place for those interested coming forward about their discriminatory experiences. If you are a victim of discrimination at work, these actions violate the laws enforced by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

The EEOC protects employees from discrimination due to race, color, religion, sex, nationality, disability, age, and more. Discrimination of these factors can result in the following:

  • Unfair treatment
  • Harassment by managers or coworkers
  • Denial of reasonable workplace changes that are needed for religious or disability purpose
  • Improper questions regarding personal information
  • Retaliation due to job discrimination complaints

Experiencing any of these discriminatory treatments indicates it is time for you to take action. You can file a “Charge of Discrimination” with the EEOC. However, our law firm is not affiliated with the EEOC. After filing this complaint, taking legal action with our attorneys can help you pursue the justice you deserve.

Our lawyers at Shellist Lazarz Slobin are dedicated to fighting for the rights of employees. As demonstrated by the #MeToo movement, more reports of discrimination are arising in workplaces, and we can be the ones to represent you.

Our attorneys are skilled in providing quality legal service and representation. Know that with our team, your case is in well-practiced hands.

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