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Signs of Age Discrimination in the Workplace


The workforce is predominantly being led by youth, as so many young workers are students, recent graduates, millennials, etc. As you get older, your bosses get younger--perhaps making you feel as though you are being left out of the loop in more ways than one. The truth of the matter is, your age should not play any role in your time at the workplace. Unfortunately, age discrimination is a real thing, and it happens more often than you may realize--which is why you should take action immediately if you feel are being victimized due to your age.

The following are the most common signs of age discrimination in the workplace, including but not limited to:

  • Ageist jokes and harassment, such as name-calling which may create a hostile work environment
  • Only young workers are getting hired or promoted, and older workers are being denied because they are “overqualified” or have “too much experience”
  • Isolation from various work activities, such as team-building, meetings, after-work events, etc.
  • Work is only being assigned to younger workers, leaving you out of various opportunities
  • Performance reviews are negative without reason
  • Paying older employees less than younger employees for the same job
  • Using age-specific terms in a job description
  • Pressuring retirement
  • Laying off older employees
  • Eliminating your job position, essentially pushing you out

Though difficult to keep track of these microaggressions, it is essential you record instances of this discriminatory behavior.

Contact Our Houston Age Discrimination Lawyers Today

Do you feel as though you are a victim of age discrimination in the workplace? If so, you aren’t alone—millions of Americans find themselves being left out, harassed, glossed over, or mocked due to their age. This is why our Houston employment lawyers of Shellist Lazarz Slobin want to do everything in our power to deliver you the results you deserve. Our legal team will investigate your case carefully so as to ensure we successfully pursue justice on your behalf.  

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